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Family Circle Column, ‘The Teen Years’ September 26, 1989

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Kids’ Questions About School Shootings – An Age-by-Age Guide to Talking About Violence
Posted April 17, 2000


An Editorial Review:

“This book should be required reading for all divorcing parents.”

Stephen P. Herman, a child psychiatrist and specialist in custody suits, provides a child-centered approach to divorce and custody proceedings. Because almost all children experience adverse psychological symptoms during this time, Herman shows parents how to keep their children’s best interests continually in mind. He reviews child placement conflicts, suggests alternatives to custody battles, and discusses the events leading up to a final court decision. Whatever the outcome, Herman stresses the importance of expediting legal disputes and resolving animosities in the post-divorce relationship. Using case histories, he takes a critical look at the types of problems that may develop and offers practical advice on how to regain stability and happiness.




Dr. Herman’s publications serve as a vital liaison between the psychiatric, legal and mental health professions. His contributions have appeared in publications such as these: